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This is psience address on the myspace website.
It's great for networking and contacting like-minded beings.

I update it quite often with an assortment of different sounds and pictures. Check it out...

Multimedia and Web Design
Karl Mariner, composer of music for film and television based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Laptop Lounge is a project based in Edinburgh. We run a night every second thursday of the month in The Voodoo Rooms. It is dedicated to the electronic musician and also incorporates images from video artists.

elektron machine drum mono machine sid station

Biolabs is the home of sound designer, musician and producer biomechanoid [aka Colin Fraser].

Biolabs offers a range of products including synth preset banks and  sample sets and also provides sound design for synth developers, custom patch design for musicians, and soundtrack composition for film, television, theatre and other media. 

You'll also find a selection of free sounds for various synths and samplers  in the downloads section [registration required].  There are also links to the various music projects Col is, or has been involved with, including a lot of free music to download.

Gugabox is where you'll find out what spins around and inside Guga's head. Guga's first CD, "Monobasics" was released during the summer of 2004 by the Swedish independent label Express Music.
Other projects are ongoing. Keep checking for updates.
Sound is made of particles... so are we.

AudioPervert drum samples offer you quick and intuitive access over 1000 electronic and acoustic percussive hits. Quirky and raw, these samples were created from analogue and digital drum boxes, synths, old computers, strange acoustic 'kits' and even real drums. Hear the sounds for yourself on the library pages, then download the free drum samples to try out in the comfort of your own sampler. Finally, you can either get the entire library on Akai S1000 format CD-Rom or you can become a member and download the single hit samples in full quality WAV format.

Not everyone will recall that many years ago while working at Napier University, Jack briefly established a National Film School for Scotland. It ran for only a few years and could not officially use the name Scottish National Film School, as at that time Scotland had not yet developed and was still run exclusively from Westminster. The problem back then, as Jack saw it, was that Westminster was not that interested in developing filmmaking talent in Scotland, but Jack was interested, very interested. Then, as now, Jack believed that the young people of Scotland had all the talent necessary to make great films and he set out to try and help them do so.

To that end, he worked tirelessly to create the Film and Television Department alongside the well-established Photography Department which at that time run only a small module on film production as part of their degree course.

Jack Shea 1950 - 2004

Mixed in with jenghizkhan's trademark doomcore riffs there is a lot of humor, and a strong melodic sense even when he's furthest out there in the drill-and-bass, sound-bending zone. As audio abstraction it's more frenetic de Kooning than faux-febrile Richter, and for all his insistence on "modern digital synthesis" over retro styles and sampling, his compositions have the verve and warm texture of early analog and tape recorder music [e.g., Mario Davidovsky, Otto Luening, Richard Maxfield], as opposed to the rather cool "glitch" sound of Oval, Phoenicia, et al.

iiRobotics is a virtual, accessible and hopefully exciting location to learn about the fascinating world of robotics. We hope to bring the quickly growing market of robotics and artificial intelligence to as wide and varied a market as possible.




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